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Declaring Intentions
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Bran Wyr

Joined: 22 Apr 2011
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Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 6:02 pm    Post subject: Declaring Intentions  

To the City of Nez and its peoples,

I am Bran Wyr, Lord and Barrik of Kazad-Ong-Varr.

I bare no ill will against the people of Bretonnia, nor its soldiers, nor its petty war.

I have come here for one purpose and one purpose alone, to protect my contract rights with the Unified Trade Council.

This petty war has distrupted al of the trade routes between Lyonesse, Nez, and Kazad-Ong-Varr, found in the Pale Sisters.

It is my wish that your petty nobles, bandits, and disgraced knights will realize the opposition that has risen against them, and cease this war immediatly.

But humans are not always as rational as they should be.

So until all other so called factions surrender, my armies, under the UTC banner will lay waste to all opposition.

Good Day.

Barrik Bran Wyr, the Second
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