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Contest #4: The blockade of the West Harbour
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Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

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Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 2:46 pm    Post subject: Contest #4: The blockade of the West Harbour  

The blockade of the West Harbour

Jerome was walking down the docks. Despite the moon lighting up quite a large amount of the harbour and the relative peace in Nez, he always remained very serious about the patrols he was asked to perform. After all, the sloops here in the West Harbour were a vital asset to the city. Without these, the city wouldn't be able to gain any reinforcements or food during sieges or wars, as the sea was their direct link to the rest of the Old World.
Unrest was spreading throughout the city for quite some time now, the Trade Council increasing the prices of any goods entering the city. In the past few days, several angry mobs of citizens had already tried to storm the east harbour in an attempt to destroy any vessels belonging to the traders of the Trade Council. Even despite their attempt failing due to the patrols there being well-armed, the signal to the Trade Council had been quite clear. Still, the additional pay for performing more patrols was rather convincing as well.

Looking out across the harbour, Jerome got somewhat lost in his thoughts, thinking about the possibilites of joining of the sea crews manning the sloops. His mind drifted towards the ideas of seeing new countries, sea monsters, creatures that were as mysterious as the sea crew in the inn trying to make him believe. All of that and that dark smell of burning... Burning?
Quickly looking back, he immediately saw the black column of smoke not too far from the harbour. Someone had set fire to a building, trying to burn this area of the city to the ground!

Immediately running towards the main building of the patrol, he noticed dark shapes moving through the shadows. They were fast, so very lightning fast and hardly visible in the dark of the night. Taking no chances, he tried to call for help, only to find no words escaping his lips, but a small cough of blood. That and the sudden difficulty at trying to breathe. It was only when he clutched his throat and felt the blood flowing through his hands that he began to realize what was really happening here...
A dark shadow slowly enveloped the area around him, blotting out the light from the fire that burned further back into the city. Looking up, Jerome saw a rat, standing almost as tall as a human, though with an evil nature just oozing out of its pores.

"Fool-fool", Gartneth spoke. "Skaven-ratmen are coming. City-lair of Nez shall-will fall for might-power of Skaven race. Man-things will be enslave-slaved and used-forced in warpstone mines. Your fate-fate would be much-much worse, were I not to end-finish it for you here."
The last thing Jerome's dying mind registered was the blade that descended right towards his head.

Models needed

Bretonnia Forces (Defender):
80 pts of a mixture of Men-At-Arms and Peasant Bowmen (up to half may be Peasant Bowmen)
May include either one Yeoman Warden or one Villein

Skaven Forces (Attacker):
13 Night Runners (up to 100 pts, but only half may have slings)
1 Nighleader (up to 15 pts)
1 Deathrunner (may use Smoke Bombs for 10 pts, or may pick up to 15 pts of equipment from the Scavenge Pile. See Warhammer Armies: Skaven, page 33)


Using a space of about 36" x 36", the terrain can contain various buildings or hedges randomly placed as a portion of the town the battle takes place in. However, the side of the Defenders has to contain two docks and three sloops (one in the middle, two on the sides).


The Attackers wish to destroy the three sloops, in order to block the harbour and make it unable for the Defenders to receive any reinforcements or goods.
The game lasts for eight turns and points are awarded as follows:
- Each soldier killed: 1 point
- Each vessel with less then half their structure points left: 2 points
- Each vessel destroyed: 5 points

The Defenders on the other hand are ambushed by an enemy force and will fight on, until either all the Attackers are dead, or fleeing. Their points are awarded as follows:
- Each enemy model destroyed: 1 point
- Each vessel fully intact: 5 points
- All Attackers killed: 5 points


All defenders start near the harbour, as they patrol the sloops and harbour itself. They can not be positioned more then 6" apart from one another.
The attackers start on the opposite side of the gaming board.

Who goes first?
The Attacker always gets the first turn.

Special rules

The sloops and setting them on fire - All Skaven are assumed to have torches to set fire to the sloops. Any model carrying a torch, not in combat and standing within 1" of a vessel can attempt to set it on fire (on a roll of 4+). Each turn it is on fire (and for each additional attacker torching the sloop), the sloop will lose one structure point. Each sloop has five structure points.
A Defender that is not in combat and standing within 1" of a vessel may attempt to put out a single fire (on a roll of 4+). This will stop it from burning from a single succesfull burn attempt from a torch, but will not bring back any structure points.

Rout tests
Attackers: Due to the necessity of the succes of their mission, the Skaven do not have to take any Rout Tests until their number drops below 50%.
Defenders: Knowing that the survival of the city depends on the defence of the harbour, the Men-At-Arms and Peasant Bowmen are willing to fight until the very end. As such, they do not suffer from All Alone and Rout Tests.

Using alternate forces

This scenario could take place in any city containing a harbour, fighting one of their dreaded enemies as they have snuck into their cities. These could range from High Elves, Dwarves, Dogs of War to Empire. Attackers could be Orcs, any type of Chaos army or Dark Elves.
Obviously, with a little bit of adjustment, other armies could easily fit into this scenario as well.

Part of a larger battle

This Warhammer Skirmish scenario could easily fit into a campaign, for both a continuing series of Warhammer Skirmish games, as well as the prelude to a (much) larger battle. Calculate the difference in the scores of both the attackers and defenders, and use the following score chart to see what the effects of the outcome of the battle would be:

0 - 5 points: Despite losses suffered on both sides, neither army will gain a significant advantage over the other.
5 - 10 points: The winning has gained a victory that boosts morale significantly. However, this victory did come with losses and as such, the resources are a minimum compared to what could have been. Add 1D6 x 100 points to the army of the victorious side.
11+ points: A firm victory! The winning side has severly beaten their opponents and face a discouraged enemy. Add 1D6 x 100 points to the army of the victorious side and deduct 1D6 x 100 points from the army of the losing side.

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