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Contest #3: Cultists of the Horned Rat
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Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

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Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 11:37 am    Post subject: Contest #3: Cultists of the Horned Rat  

Cultists of the Horned Rat

Code:                    Mv WS BS St To Wo In At Ld
Cultist            4  3  2  3  3  1  3  1  6
Gartneth Lashtail  5  4  3  3  3  2  5  2  6

Cultist equipment: Light Armour, Handweapon, Shield

Gartneth Lashtail's equipment: Two Poisoned Handweapons, Warplock Pistol, Tail Weapon, Smoke Bombs

May be hired by Mortal Chaos or Skaven armies. Counts as a core choice in both armies.

Gartneth and 20 Cultists cost 210 points. Each additional Cultist costs 6 points. The unit may purchase a Musician for 5 points and/ or a Champion for 10 points.

Special Rules:

Strength in Numbers: See Warhammer Armies: Skaven, page 33.
Verminous Valour: Gartneth benefits from the Verminous Valour special rule. See Warhammer Armies: Skaven, page 33.
Emerge from all directions: As per the Sneaky Infiltrators rule. See Warhammer Armies: Skaven, page 51.
Demoralizing to their own: Any Empire, Bretonnia or Dogs of War army will be demoralized to see their own kin fight for the Skaven race. The unit will cause -1 Ld to any unit from these armies who are within 6" of this unit at all times, as well as be subject to hatred by these armies against this unit.


With the underground tunnel network sprawling throughout the majority of the Old World, it is common for the Skaven to have access to most of the larger cities in both the Empire, as well as Bretonnia. Before they arrive at such a city in large numbers, a scouting party is usually sent ahead in order to inspect the city, and get a feeling of what they can inspect. In order to help them do so, a Cult of the Horned Rat usually is founded to gain information first-handed from the population of that city.
The members of such a cult are generally lesser noble families, seeking to increase their status by using (as they believe it) the Skaven for this goal. However, what they generally do not realize is that the Skaven are using them, not only as a source of information, but as an expendable resource should matters go wrong and they need to cover up their trace.

In Nez, one of these forwarded Skaven is Gartneth Lashtail, a Skaven Assassin Adept that has fallen in disgrace by clan Eshin and as such, is penalized by being sent to such a small city as Nez. What he realizes all too well is that failure will cost him his life.
With the large differences between the rich and the poor in Nez, almost all of the Cultists tend to be from the working families, peasants and rabble in the eyes of the nobility. Despite the lack of proper capabilities, their numbers are very large and this has given Gartneth the chance to stir the population into rebellion against their upper class, plunging Nez into chaos and creating easy pickings for the clans once they reach Nez.

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