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The MOOT trade cartel - an overview
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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:05 am    Post subject: The MOOT trade cartel - an overview  

MOOT (Multifarious organization of outlandish traders) – an Overview

The MOOT trade cartel is known by seldom few. Its agents are typically involved with the organization for the main fact that they have nowhere else to go. Either by former betrayal, disputes, or sheer ill-fortune, the dealers are outcasts in their own regards. Typically they are no longer welcome anywhere but within the jurisdiction of MOOT. As such, this band of disreputes is surprisingly tight-knit and cohesive for they know that their fortunes would quickly perish in the sea of prejudice that awaits them on their own.

MOOT deals primarily in black market goods, sticking to this more lucrative yet risky side of business. It has worked well for the cartel, as its characteristically odd agents tend to unnerve traders looking for honest goods. Their agents are all but invisible save to those who are seeking their services, whom they tend to find without any prompting.

MOOT has gained particular prosperity due to their inclusion of beings from all race and creed. This allows them to have proper dealings in any part of the world as they can circumvent the cultural barriers that typically plague the traders of more monospecific organizations. This prosperity has lead to harsh discrimination at the hands of other established traders who cannot bear to see a group of misfits out competing them on their own turf


Little is known of the history of this cartel other than its origins stem from the internal strife of the Empire in the year 2219. It is rumoured that the kingpin behind the organization is a crafty Halfling known as “Hambone” but such a rumour has been neither proven nor discredited. Their cartel has grown from a simple overland trading crew to a sprawling secret society complete with a small standing army and a pinpoint attack fleet. While the cartel is seldom drawn into open conflict (the Wissenland trade war of 2307 being one exception), barely does a month go by that reports do not surface of MOOT agents raiding supply caravans to replenish their own stocks and to drive up the price of black market goods.

Little is known of the reasons for the arrival of MOOT operatives to the city of Nez, but many peasants report being offered bread and ale from distant lands at rock bottom prices in exchange for information on the movements of the different factions within the city.
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