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The Long Coats Regiment of Renown.

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Bran Wyr
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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 6:54 pm    Post subject: The Long Coats Regiment of Renown. Reply with quote

The Long Coats

Long Coat:
Movement: 4
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 4
Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Initiative: 4
Attacks: 2
Leadership: 7

Rolfe Ward:
Movement: 4
Weapon Skill: 6
Ballistic Skill: 5
Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Initiative: 5
Attacks: 4
Leadership: 8

Long Coats Equipment: Hand Weapon, Parrying Dagger, Long Coats, Brace Pistols

Rolfe Ward's Equipment: Hand Weapon, Long Tom, Long Coat, Brace Pistols (Betty and Grace), Master Duelist

May be hired to whom ever wants to pay them enough. Count as a special choice in the Bretonnian's army and Empire armies. Count as a rare choice in every other army.

10 Long Coats are 160 points. Every additional Long coat is 16 points.

Rolfe himself is 165 points.

Special Rules:

Parrying Dagger: The Long Coats pride themselves in their well practiced fighting style, which originated in Estalia. They have developed the ability to count attack and parry in one motion enabling them to be extremely deadly foes, especially in the Back allies of Nez's Peasant district.

Parrying Daggers provide a +1 to attack, which is included in the profiles above. It also provides a 6+ ward to the model using it.

Long Coat: The gang wears specially designed coats, which serve as their trademark and their namesake. These coats are inspired by a design which originated in the Empire of Sigmar, and its style is closely associated to the Coats worn by the Witch Hunters of the Church of Sigmar. However these coats are reinforced with light metal plates which provide protection in close quarters combat.

The Long Coats provide a 6+ Armour save to those wearing them.

Brace Pistols: Besides their signature Coats and Daggers, the Long Coats also carry several pistols on them at all times. These they use to ruthless effect when it comes time to take care of business outside of close quarters. So skilled are they with their pistols they can fire at charging foes and draw their daggers before any survivors reach them.

Count as Brace Pistols and follow all rules found in the Warhammer Main Rulebook, but the unit may also always stand and shoot.

Long Tom: This dagger has been with Rolfe since he was 14 and stole it from a local blacksmith. It is longer than your average daggers, and in the hands of Rolfe it is both a deadly weapon and all protecting shield.

Counts as a normal Parrying Dagger, however Rolfe's ward save with this dagger is increased to 5+.

Master Duelist: Rolfe is extremely skilled at one on one combat. He has never lost an individual challenge, be it in a Nipponese Dojo, Estalian Dueling area, Tilean Gladiatorial Dome, or Illegal Picket Fights. He has fought everywhere and everyone, and always come out on top.

If Rolfe is fighting in a Challenge, his ward save from Long Tom is increased from 5+ to 4+, and he may re-roll all failed hits and wound rolls .


The Long Coats are the semi-official protectors of the Peasant District in Nez. They have established themselves as top dogs of the quarter after two decades of power struggle between other local gangs. But it was Rolfe's leadership and skill which he passed on to his men that enabled the gang to rise to the top. They are constantly stalking taverns, bars, brothels, and back allies ensuring that the peasants are treated fairly.

However it is not altruism that motivates Rolfe to protect the peasants. But it is the low borns gullible and needy nature that drives the gangs plan. The Long Coats have grown both wealthy on peasants tributes and protection fees. The Gang members are feared amongst the whole Province, let alone the city itself. Even the Merchants and Royal Families fear the mere mention of Rolfe and his Long Coats.

With the coming war, their gang's numbers have swelled, and Rolfe grows tired of the peasant district, and has decided to expand his gangs territory and wealth. And he is willing to work for anyone, as long as they pay in proper gold.

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 7:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oi, I had a very similar setup in mind. Now I'm gonna have to be extra creative!
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