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It's a Trap!!!

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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2011 4:02 pm    Post subject: It's a Trap!!! Reply with quote

It's a Trap

This is scenario for mordheim games.

Terrain: Players place terrain on the table so that it forms into one approximately 8" wide street. The player who throwes greater number on D6 places the first terrain piece. 4'x4' table

Deployment: Throw D6, one who scored higher is the attacker. Defender deploys all his troops within 12" from the midpoint of the street, all troops must be placed on the street. After this attacker deploys all his troops within or on top of the buildings.

Special rules:
Attacker goes first
Attacker: Ambush: attacker throws one D6 and on roll of 3-6 the ambush is coordinated correctly and the attacker gets +1 to hit on that turn, on roll of 1-2 coordination fails and D3 attacker's models cannon't attack that turn.
Defender: Reaction: Throw D6 on roll of 4-6 nothing happens but on roll of 1-3 defender must move at half speed for the first turn.

Attacker: kill as many defenders as possible
Defender: Defend yourself from the ambushers and survive for atleast 6 six turn so that the guards arrive.
First one to fail routing test loses.

+1 for every enemy taken out of action
+1 for winning leader
+1 for surviving
+1 for defenders if they survive long enough
+1 to attackers if they manage to drive off/kill their enemies before the guards arrive.


It had been a long day and now Marcel, Bernard and the other few knights stepped out from the old taver called The Lousy Pony's Tavern. These few noblemen were dressed in their best clothes and all of them carried a sword with them. They had just left from a small party being held by one little older nobleman.

Wine had tasted horrible but they had to deal with it, there was no better to be offered right now due to the recent conflicts. Even tough none of them said it they all knew they shouldn't have drank so much.

It was a dark knight as they walked forward towards the military district. They felt little dizzy but that didn't mind them.

"We should come here more often" Bernard said and threw the wine bottle in his hand against the nearby buildings wall. They laughed loudly for a few seconds but then they kept going.

It was a silent night but then suddenly there was a scream of a woman on the dark alley and then someone released an arrow from the dark roofs and it struck right into Bernards chest. Bernard fell and for mere second he gasped for air but then he stopped moving.

Marcel watched for few seconds as his friend didn't move anymore then he unsheated his sword and charged towards the nearest building. His best friend had just died, and he would take revenge for it.

Arrows flew from every possible direction, from roofs and buildings, and two more knights fell. Cheldric knew that they wouldn't last very long but guard were probably already alerted by the sounds of battle.

Marcel kicked a wooden door open and almost immeaditly felt an arrow strike against his shoulder and blood spur out but that didn't stop him. He charged towards the disguised man in front of him, who tried to send off a new leathal arrow towards him but there was no time for that. Large blade struck deep into the man's stomach and he fell on the floor while his mouth filled with blood.

Marcel ran to the dark backyard and started to climb up a wooden ladder. It took some time but soon he was on the roof where that shot towards Bernard had been shot from.

He saw and hooded man in the moonlight. He was shooting arrows towards the arriving guardsmen.
Marcel still felt dizzy from all that wine he had drank but he didn't give it even a tough. He prepeared to charge.

"It would end now" Marcel told himself as rage kept piling up.
He charged towards the man, who turned as he heard the steps closing in on the roof.
The man reacted quickly and pulled out his sword and when Marcel struck the man dodged with a slight jump and struck a deep wound between Marcel's ribbones.

Marcel felt even more dizzier now and the huge pain caused problems for him too, blood spur out and there was nothing to stop it.
Marcel took a few more steps forward and due to his wounds he lost his balance and fell off the roof.

"I shouldn't have drunk so much...of that crappy wine....." he quietly said before he hit the ground.
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