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Crimson Midnight

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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 12:30 am    Post subject: Crimson Midnight Reply with quote

Crimson Midnight Ḥashāshīn

The Arabian Ḥashāshīn are some of the most feared killers in the Old World. Although made famous by the high profile killings conducted by their members; most Ḥashāshīn activity is actually carried out by small highly trained groups. Although one man is often assigned to eliminating the target, the other members of the groups often assist by causing diversions and ensuring a proper escape route. The leader of this group is often an elder in the order. Following the first war in Araby, abilities of the Ḥashāshīn were recognized by various wealthy individuals across the Old World leading to numerous groups traveling north. One of the most successful groups outside of Araby is known only has the Crimson Midnight. Led by a mysterious individual known only as Layth, the Crimson Midnight has been implicated in nearly two dozen deaths across the Old World.

213 Points for Layth and 4 Ḥashāshīn an additional 5 Ḥashāshīn may be purchased at 21 points per model.
Unit Size: 5-10

Ḥashāshīn 4 5 4 4 3 1 4 2 8
Layth 4 6 5 4 4 2 5 3 9
Equipment: 2 hand weapons, dual throwing knives, light armour
Special Rules: Killing Blow (in close combat), Poison (both on hand weapons and knives), Skirmish, Immune to Fear and Terror, From the Shadows, Cloak and Daggers, Flame Pellets

Cloak and Daggers[b]

The billowing cloaks and agile blades of the Crimson Midnight’s daggers make them difficult to hit and harder to kill.

6+ Ward save vs shooting, 5+ save in close combat

[b]Flash and Flame Pellets

Flash and Flame Pellets are small pellets of unknown alchemlic origin. What is known about them is that when they are thrown forceful they explode with a blinding flash and a rush of flame.
Are carried by Layth and can be used in a variety of situations. One use only

- If targeted by shooting Layth can throw the pellets to dazzle one unit that is targeting the Ḥashāshīn with ranged attack. That unit suffers -1 to hit
- If the Ḥashāshīn are charged or are changing, Layth may throw the pellets. The opposing unit suffers a -1 to Initiative for the initial round of combat.
- Maybe used as a ranged attack 8” dealing D6 Strength 3 armour piercing hits.

From the Shadows
The Crimson Midnight have become experts at attacking out of the shadows of buildings in urban environments. They seem to emerge from nooks and crannies and strike with speed a surprising speed and deadly efficiency.

When scouts are deployed, the Crimson Midnight maybe deployed either within the player deployment zone or within any building on the table that is outside of the opposing player’s deployment zone.

Urban Fighters
If you choose to field the Crimson Midnight, during the deployment of terrain, you may place and additional piece of terrain which must be a manmade structure which a unit can enter (house, manor, inn, tower, shrine etc.) on the deploying player’s half of the table. This building will not have any special rules beyond standard building rules. There must be at least one manmade structure on the table top.
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