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Turn 1 fluff update

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2011 2:28 pm    Post subject: Turn 1 fluff update Reply with quote

West of Nez

In the distance, cannons roared. Bright flashes lit up the moonless night sky, and the creaking of smashed wood could be heard from the other side of the town. The eerie spectacle frightened the townspeople, and they watched in horror as the massive ships of their lords clashed.

Which was just as well.

While the battle on the sea raged, nobody noticed the black, smaller boats landing just outside the western walls. As the touched the land, the troops on board quickly disembarked and secured the shore. Under the watchful eye of Erik Lanze and Amir ibn Fadlan el-Din, the Sons of Exile had returned to Nez. Cautiously moving their pieces into position, they waited for the right moment to strike at Nez, and bring the hated city down.

Palace ward

At dawn, the valets and maidens of the nobles who were going about their daily chores were suprised as a host of knights riding into their streets. Then they panicked, recognizing the knight's heraldry as that of the Chevaliers de Saint Leon! Screaming they ran off, but the knights, mounted on snorting warhorses, were faster. Quickly they dispatched the guards and took posesion of the central and wealthiest district in Nez. Those loyal to the ruling nobles (and some who just got in the way!) were quickly assembled and hanged from hastily erected gallows. The knights simply watched the whole thing with a bored look on their face, enjoying a fine glass of wine robbed from some incompetent noble or the other.

The harbor

In the harbor, too, the nobles paid for their arrogance in Araby as forces under the command of Al-Mubarak Hasim rushed the Old harbor. Scimitars clashed with longswords and warriors mounted on camels ran through the district as the Arabs unleashed their anger on the bretonnians, under the cover of cannonfire from king Bran Wyr's ironclad.

While his colleagues were busy in the east, Armast van Rensellaer, also a member of the Unified Trade Council, seized the opportunity caused by his fellows and moved his troops to take the west harbor. With these initial moves a heavy blow was struck against the allied families of Nez.


The forces of the Allied Families did not sit by idly, however. Anticipating the onslaught the chevaliers would cause, they were quick to abandon the palace ward, instead focusing their intention on protecting the priests of Mannan and the Lady in the church ward. Meanwhile their navy quickly sailed out to the east, securing a tradeline to the city should they ever be able to re establish a connection to their holdings in the city itself.

Seeking allies

The outlawed Brotherhood of Defiant Amaranth played a defensive game, preaching their vision to the peasants in the market and peasant districts. However, they also established control of the West road. Controlling the traffic to nearby fishing villages, this seems to conflict with the goals of the Unified Trade Council. However, it can only be a matter of time before their progress is challenged by the Sons of Exile, who are even now moving south...

Only time will tell what the future holds for Nez...
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