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Regiment of renown - Da Stunty Dakkas

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 3:47 pm    Post subject: Regiment of renown - Da Stunty Dakkas Reply with quote

Da Stunty Dakkas

Da Stunty Dakkas

Pts cost: 100pts for each base
Movement: 6
Weapon skill: 3
Ballistic skill: 3
Strenght: 2
Toughness: 2
Wounds: 5
Intiative: 4
Attacks: 5
Leadership: 10

Unit size: 1-3 bases

Weapons: Tiny poison daggers(hand weapon) and Da smoky Stuff

Special Rules:
Unbreakable (swarm)
Da Deadly Poisons

Trag Da Stunty Bigun

Point cost: 130pts
Movement: 6
Weaponskill: 4
Ballistic skill: 3
Strenght: 3
Toughness: 2
Intiative: 4
Wounds: 2
Attacks: 3

Wapons & armor: Poizon Stabbas, Da Smoky Stuff & Stunty Mail armor.

Special Rules:
Da Deadly Poisons
U need that?

Hiring: Da Stunty Dakkas and Trag can be hired by any faction. They count as rare choice but in orcs & goblins army they count as special choice.

Special Rules explanations:
Da Deadly Poisons:
In the shadowy alleys of Nez these little snotlings produce this deadly poison from little plants
Works like normal poisoned attack expect it wounds automatically on roll of 5-6 instead of 6.

Da Stunty Dakkas are specialized in stealing and robbing stuff from almost anywhere.
After deployment roll D6 for each base of Stunty Dakkas. On roll of 5-6 choose one of your opponent's units(no characters) and choose one equipment(shields, greatweapons) they have and count the unit as they didn't have those items. Altough enemy unit will always have hand weapons if all other weapons are lost.

Da Stunty Dakkas are extremely fast runners and they take everything out of it on the charge when their boss starts yelling at them
When Da Stunty Dakkas are within 8" from Trag and if they are charging roll a D6. On a roll of 4-6 add D6" to the charge distance. Trag himself always rolls an extra D6" when charging.

U need that?:
Trag is so advanced in the art of pickpocketing that he can steal from absolutely everyone but most of the time he just hides his findings in the city's alleys to wait for later use
After deployment roll a D6. On roll of 4-6 choose one enemy character and remove one magical item from him.

Weapons & armor:
Da Smoky Stuff:
These little guys go nowhere without their little smoke bombs.
On charge unit may attempt to throw Smoke bombs towards it's enemy.
Use Bs to determine the hit shooting on movement and other penalties don't apply. If hit is scored the target unit must fight with Ws of 1 for the next round of combat.

Poizon Stabbas:
Two curved daggers covered in darkgreen poison
Counts as an handweapon and additional hand weapon. These two daggers give Trag a slight strenght bonus of +1 on charge.

Stunty Mail Armor:
Small gromril chain mail which is perfectly fit for a small gnoblar like Grot
5+ Armorsave and on str 5 or greater attacks 6+ wardsave.

On the streets dark streets of Nez there is a small band of snotlings known as Da Stunty Dakkas. These little thiefs are led by a small but strong named Trag Da Stunty Stabba.

These snotlings are like common thieves but they also take up assasination and combat missions due to their greenskin nature.
Their leader is known to yell at them whenever they are close to an enemy on the battlefield. This way he provokes them into ferocious charges.

Stunty Stabbas spend most of their time near the central areas of Nez but they are known to move out of the area if they see it required (altough thats a rare case).

These thieves have never been caught and every single one of them carries a small pill given to them by their leader. He tells them that the pill gives them the strenght of a troll and has told them to use it if they have no way to escape their enemy. Truly this little pill is filled with strong poison and the little snotlings die instantly and can never tell the lawmens where their hideout is located but maybe on someday they'll fail to eat the pill in time.

Da Stunty Stabbas started from a quite small group of snotlings who decided to go and see that big town but then they understood all the changes they had in there. And so slowly but surely more snotlings joined them and they truly grew strong.

It took sometime but later they learned to brew deadly poisons from plants and mushrooms and later on to produce small smoke bombs.

A strong and more clever snotling Trag is the current leader of this snotling party. Snotlings chose (or were forced to promote) Trag to the position of a leader. This strong gnoblar soon decided to start making more money than ever and due to the small civil war that reged in Nez he decided to set up a small mercenary band.

Da Stunty Stabbas don't really care who they serve but whenever they see an band of orcs nearby they are more than pleased to join them (this might be due to the coming slaughter and loot they might receive).

They don't relly know what they are going to do after the small war but they are heard to have been planning to attempt and spread their power into the city of Lyonesse.

Now I have told you about these small and sneaky thives/mercenaries and you know how dangerous they can be.

Heed my words if you ever take those dark back alleys of Nez you better hang on to that purse of yours. But beware if you see their leader Trag you better run for you life.
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