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Turn 4 fluff update

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PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2011 8:38 am    Post subject: Turn 4 fluff update Reply with quote

Market ward

Gareth the huntsman and his band of newly trained militia arrived at the market ward, in pursuit of the the Sons of Exile who had entered the city earlier. But they arrived too late.

Little remained of the market ward. Great ruins of scorched rock marked the place where buildings once stood. The dead littered the streets. Men, women, children, even animals had not been spared from the onslaught of the Sons. Gareth gritted his teeth. Escaped again! He ordered the dead to be covered by sheets, tapistries, even blankets when he had no other resources left. Then he continued his way, in pursuit of the vengeful men who had performed this atrocity.

Going to church

Sir Guy de Trabuchet broke off from the rest of the Chevaliers de Saint Leon after being halted by the forces of the Unified Trade Council in the prime harbour. He travelled south, to the church ward, meaning to bring the clergy to justice as he had done with the nobles of the palace ward and the sailors of the harbour. And now this. Clergymen who worshipped Mannan rather than the Lady! True, Nez was a seaside town, but how could these peasants pray for their own safety rather than the glory of the Lady? Something had to be done.

But not now. Just when he was about to signal the charge, Guy's forces were attacked from behind by pursuing forces of the UTC, led by the Arabian Mubuarak Al-Hasim. Caught in an unadvantageous position, the knight had to delay bringing sweet justice to the misguided men of faith. The battle ended in a draw, Guy's forces boxed up where Al-Hasim's firepower could not reach him, and Al-Hasim safely out of the way of Guy's lancetip.

The harbor

The men cheered as their benefactor, van Rensellaer, spent yet more gold and effort on making the west harbor even more beautiful and prosperous. He had ordered sculpters to raise four statues in honour of Mannan, Taal, Rhya and the Lady, each of them looking our to sea. Hopefully this would attract more ships to come to this harbor, rather than the war torn harbors to the east. Such a thing would certainly improve the quality of life for all the petty traders in the region. The people were content, but in their hearts they feared that the newfound glory of the west harbor would be a temporary thing.

Meanwhile, Barrik Bran Wyr and the Amazon players of the local Blood Bowl team, Bust Loose, set to work reclaiming the Prime harbor, repairing damage (in the case of the dwarfs) and chasing out criminals and looters (in the case of the amazon team). The Unified Trade Council was content to see that half the harbor was back in their hands, and a long celebration with much beer was held troughout the night (both dwarfs and amazons!).

Alexander Sorriot sallied forth from the protected east harbor, reclaiming the old harbor that was lost to them in the early stages of the war. Finally, the Allied Families of Nez were clawing their way back to the top. With the harbor and sea tightly in the hands of the nobles and merchants, only time would tell which would be the victor, if any of them.

Military ward

'Chaaaaarge!' The high-pitched sqeak didn't sound vey impressive, but the sight of a horde of oncoming snotlings certainly was. The guards of the military ward immediately dropped their weapons, hoping that they would prove an obstacle too big to climb for da Stunty Dakkas. The little thieves set to work stealing and looting the place- right up to the point where the Sons of Exile entered the ward. Using massive, warpstone powered cannons, the Sons prepared to utterly destroy the ward. The stunties, deciding that being a hero was not as good as being alive, decided to flee. With most of the ward's treasures, of course.

The hero emerges

The room was now lit with an eerie blue glow normal candles would not provide. They burned with an unnatural itnensity, adding to the horror of the specatcle that took place deep under the city. Cultists writhed on the floor, screaming and laughing like mad men. With their hoods fallen back, their malformed faces were clearly visible, and the banners that draped the wall now clearly showed the emblem of the black Fleur-de-Lys against a yellow background; the heraldry of Mousillon.

The few men that were still sane sang at the top of their voices, but their language was not Breton. No, far from it. It was the arcane language, and those who knew such things would immediately recognize elements of the dark tongue twisting and adding power to their words of power.

Then, in a cataclysmic burst of light, the armoured skeleton that hung in the air came to life. Screaming in defiance of its rebirth, it immediately landed on the ground, kneeled down for a moment, then rising once more, of its own volition this time. Angrily it stepped forward, sword raised, then stopped in the middel of its movements. A moment of confusion preceded an infernal roar of hatred.

'Quick now!' one of the elder cultists yelled at his fellows. 'We have to complete the ritual!' Raising up, he took a symbol of the Lady and held it up before the skeleton's eyes. 'Begone, foul thing! Begone and let the hero of Lyonesse be at peace! Begone, and take the curse you placed on Mousillon with you!' The cultist spat the final words at the monster, before again reciting words from the dark tongue.

Then everything happened so quickly. One of the candles that made up the binding circle was flung to the side by an invisible force. Then the skeletal warrior realized it was no longer bound, and buried its blade deep in the cultist before tossing him aside.

The cultist looked behind him at the sound of laughter, and saw the hooded figure emerge from the shadows. Then he turned to see the skeletal warrior hack apart his fellow cultists. Finally, everything turned black.

The skeleton, having killed all the cultists in the chamber, turned to the hooded figure. Raising his blade, he struck at the cultist, only to have a multicolored field of energy stop him.

The hooded figure grinned. 'You are even more powerful than I imagined. The winds of Chaos course strongly through you. I do not know what magic made you this way, but I do know how to turn it to my own purposes.' Raising a hand, the hooded man unleashed a torrent of chaos magic on the skeleton. In his eyes, which saw more of the winds of magic than of the normal world, he could see the winds around the skeleton flowing faster, and faster. Ever faster, speeding towards a climax.

'Go now, and slaughter those you ocne protected,' the hooded figure said mockingly. 'Go and bring them doom, Thierulf, Companion of the Grail!'

With that the man disappeared in a puff of smoke, while the undead form of Thierulf slowly began climbing to the surface of Nez...

Note: With the ritual uninterrupted, Thierulf the Grail Companion has been risen from death and will now start raining death and destruction on Nez. It is possible to kill him in a challenge, but without a magic weapon, your chances will be slim at best. Alternatively you can try to defend him, in which case any challenge issued to Sir Thierulf will be fought by you instead.

Good luck!
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Sir Guy de Trabuchet
Street fighter

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PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 4:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Al-Hassim is living on borrowed time! Treacherous curs! Striking from behind! Peasents may be miserable sorts of life but foreign peasents? Nez has truly fallen into darkness. The Lions must be the ones to lead it once more it seems, though first we must deal with these foreign threats!

Fine update!
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PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 7:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You anger too easily at your mistakes Sir Knight! Even a foreigner can defeat an ill-favored knight. Morr's blessings upon you, may you meet soon.
Now Andre, how am I related to these people?
-a phrase spoken at least once a day by Bertrand de Fries
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Bran Wyr
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice, I really like the fluff update! Cool
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