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Voyages of Alara

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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 8:30 pm    Post subject: Voyages of Alara Reply with quote


54 Guns
321 Souls

To Captain Aleksandr Suvorov

“… to ensure unity between those of Ostland and Kislev… hunt the enemies of the civilized world and those that seek her destruction…protect her waters… and her people…”

The Alara hails from the port city of Erengard, second only to Marrienburg in trade capacity and wealth of the Old World. Originally a hulking merchant ship, the Alara was refitted during a recent influx of Norse raids against trade ships sailing the Sea of Claws. Without a standing navy and already facing economic troubles, the Tzarine of Kislev acquired two dozen merchant ships from Erengard and outfitted them for traditional naval warfare. Captains were recruited from the nobility of Erengard for their knowledge of the waters and genuine concern for the city, and much of the merchant crew was kept on as the new Kislevite sailors. A detachment of handgunners from the Tzarine’s army were assigned to each vessel as final assurance of the Ice Queen’s investment.

Captain Suvorov was recruited from the bottom of what one could consider “nobility,” but well known for his patriotism. His “personal investment” with the ship and its safety was compounded when Suvorov brought his new wife, Jesika, on board as his right hand. Of course, this also brought on new problems that the leader of the handgunner detachment, commander Rokov, took immaculate notes of. Neither man seems wholly trustworthy of the other, though neither would desire to be the cause of the first mutiny in Kislev’s fledgling naval history.

Aleksandr Suvorov, Captain

Suvorov is much more the noble than his environment would permit. His upbringing was in etiquette and thought, his training was in dueling, and his sailing experience was barely into the open waters. His recruitment into a captain of the Queen’s navy would have been completely off-putting were it not for the man’s well-known desire to drive the Norse from Kislev’s waters completely. And at the end, Suvorov was able to silence any doubt about his command; a captain should be a gentleman, a captain can fight, and a captain leads (not just steers).

Valmir Rokov, Sergeant

Rokov is the commander of the handgunner detachment from Kislev’s standing army assigned to the Alara. His orders were clear from the High Command: Ensure the will of the Ice Queen is carried out. Rokov is a staunch traditionalist, and lives are strictly prioritized; Queen, nation, and everything else.

A gruff man, Rokov takes great pride in strength and power. His loyalty to Kislev, and his adhesion to military rank, are unquestioning. His grey beard and scarred face hide the might and zeal the man holds inside.

Alexander Sorriot, Sailing Master

Sorriot is the former captain of the Alara while she was still a merchant vessel. His excitement for being chosen by the Tzarine as fighting-worthy was marred when he was told he would not retain his position. Given the title of Sailing Master as a means of appeasement, Sorriot’s concern is for the crew of the Alara, completely. Sorriot is now in the center of the power struggle between the new Captain, the suspicious Rokov, and the crew.

Sorriot’s son, Petr, is also a member of the crew.

Jesika Suvorov

The wife of Aleksandr Suvorov. Married months before sailing out of Erengard, Jesika was content with the low-wealthy life that was offered to her. This was shaken as Aleksandr presented his letters of intent, and even more so when he asked her to accompany him on his duty.

Jesika was born into a free-thinking family more akin to the southern Empire than the Kislevites.
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